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Meet Antony...


If you clicked on this post, I presume it means you’re looking to learn more about me?

Well what can I say…

I’m Antony and currently I am the Youth and Families Worker at Haywards Heath Methodist Church, located within West Sussex. I have worked, volunteered and helped develop new events within youth work for quite a few years now, and alongside Darren have run a fair share of Children and Youth Camps!

A few facts about me: I play the drums and ukulele, love to read, am a massive music fan, enjoy going to see West End Shows and I could continue to bore you with so much more, but I won’t…

Darren and I talked about doing something together quite a few years ago now, but after we had one conversation, and another, and another it went quiet on that front. However, due to a few different things and a lot of brainstorming later, here we are in 2020 with Catalyst!

However, Catalyst isn’t for us, it’s for you! The children, the youth, the families and the churches. We want to use this as a platform of unity, of time together and a chance for us all to make new friends and form bonds which may last for a lifetime!

I hope to see you at camps and events in the future, and if you want to drop us a message, please do! We will always do our best to reply as soon as we can.


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