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Blog #44 - Livin' Sustainable

We’re not doing well at this blog thing are we? Darren and I were discussing this at the beginning of week, and I was saying that it’s all fine because it has only been 2 weeks since our last blog… but on further inspection, turns out it’s now been a month! Whoops. Once a month isn’t bad though right? Maybe now is the time we stop putting a time scale on it. So, from this moment on, look out for our blogs… whenever they may be published!

Hopefully though, you’ve continued to follow us on our journey at Catalyst Youth UK, and so therefore you will have seen that we regularly release a podcast. If you haven’t, why not?! Go and check it out… Catalyst Happy Hour(ish), now available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play & Apple Podcasts.

Anyway, I’m not writing today to promote the podcast, but more highlight some things which are going to be (and have been) talked about on it. For anyone that has heard them will know that we’re currently running a series where we interview different guests, and chat about all the amazing careers which they do or have done in their lives. We’ve had such a range so far… a People’s Barrister, an Entertainment Director on a cruise ship and not one, but two councillors! However, it doesn’t stop there because we already have 2 more lined up for you… no spoilers on one of them, but released today (12th March) we welcome Liv onto our podcast. Why? What’s so special about Liv? I hear you ask.

Well, Liv has just started a new Instagram page. An initiative which she is passionate about, and one which I know many people will relate and get on board with. ‘Livin’ Sustainable’. I could sit and write what it’s all about, but why do that when I can use Liv’s words herself?

Hi, hello, hola, bonjour, guten tag and welcome. So who? What? When? Where? Why? I’m a vegan (yep, it’s true, about the whole how do you know a vegan is a vegan? Because they tell you within the first 30 seconds of talking to them HA!) But anyway, on a more serious note… I am a vegan who is worried. Worried about the all too convenient lives we are all leading. A vegan who is worried about the planet I am going to leave behind for my future children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all the future generations to come! We are at the stage now where we need critical CHANGE. I am going to prove to you on my new page that we don’t all need to start wearing tie-dye t-shirts, smell of sweat and wear a peace sign necklace to save our planet (although I am a fan of a bit of tie-die, I must say), just small changes will create big impacts. Every week I will be posting lots of little changes that can be easily made to all of our lives. I will be sharing the ultimate hacks, the ultimate no no’s and I would love for YOU to share any tips of knowledge of your sustainability journey too.

Let me explain a few things about adopting more sustainable habits within your lifestyle…

- No one can be 100% sustainable (well I’m yet to come across someone who is, yet) we can’t be perfect at it. We are going to make mistakes but as long as we are making more conscious decisions regularly it will make a massive difference.

- A more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean suddenly getting rid of every item that doesn’t fit the sustainable category… because that defeats the purpose. The best thing to do is slowly swap things out as and when they absolutely need replacing… THEN it’s a good time to grab those sustainable alternatives.

Sound good? Positive? Something you could get on board with? Well head over to Instagram and check out her page! Don’t have Instagram? Let us know, we can make sure we find a way of you receiving all the updates and alerts from ideas and hacks that Liv shares!

Keep safe,


This week’s resource…

Instagram: Livin' Sustainble

Can be found: Instagram!

About: All the information can be found above.

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