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Lockdown Blog #17 - Passion

One Christmas when I was younger, I opened up this box weighing 878g, to find a new world I could immerse myself in. 366 pieces, 4 mini figures and an amazing base.

Can you guess what I am talking about?


This was my very first Lego set, which started a passion I still have today. So my blog is about Lego. But first let me be nerdy and tell you a brief history.

The Lego Group began in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, who began making wooden toys in 1932. In 1934, his company came to be called "Lego", derived from the Danish phrase leg godt [lɑjˀ ˈkʌt], which means "play well”. It started with interlocking bricks, a bit like the blocks we used as toddlers to build towers.

Over the years they came up with different designs and uses for the Lego blocks and in 1954 Christiansen's son, Godtfred, had a conversation with an overseas buyer that led to the idea of a toy system like the one we see today. He saw the immense potential in Lego bricks to become a system for creative play. The modern Lego brick design was patented in January 1958, Lego Duplo was introduced in 1969 and in 1978 the first mini figures arrived.

It was in the 80’s that I found that love and passion for Lego and I spent many hours, in fact days, just playing. This new world where I could build anything. I built multi coloured houses, space ships and whole towns from my Lego sets, oh, I also built the sets according to the detailed instructions. My parents spent a lot of money on these sets and I spent so much time playing with them, so to me it was money well spent!

What are you passionate for? Is it Lego like me? Or something different?

This passion for building has stayed with me. Yes I still build Lego! in fact the main picture is some of the Lego I have today.

For me its about every aspect of the build. From opening the box, knowling, reading the instructions and the build. There is something about seeing your creation coming together slowly. But I can see from building I need to learn patience, as I just need it to be done, I want to see that final goal, The end product - NOW.

From this passion of building Lego I have tried building new things. My latest creation is a shoe rack draw under the stairs in my home. Its not an amazing creation, and I am sure my grandad (who was a master carpenter) would be laughing his head off if he was still with us, but it serves its purpose and keeps our shoes all in one place. I am sure with time I can improve the design, but this passion for building is something I really enjoy.

We all can have passion for something. This could be for something like Lego, our job, animals, art, learning, health and fitness, social media, in fact anything that gives you joy.

We all need something to be passionate about and during this lockdown we have a lot of time too indulge ourselves in what we are passionate about.

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

Oprah Winfrey

Jesus has a passion, His passion is to bring people to follow Him. In His short ministry before his death (known as the passion, but this is a latin word for suffering, not the meaning of passion we know today) and resurrection. When He spoke, people listened, they were captivated by what he had to say and people today are still inspired by his teachings, that we can read in the Bible. He was a radical speaker, speaking of a new way of living - a new life. Could you be like Jesus? Is your passion to inspire others. Here at Catalyst Youth UK our passion is to build you up to be the best version of yourself.

Last nerdy fact to finish - More than 400 billion Lego bricks have been produced since 1958!

Lego has this motto "only the best is good enough” and I agree Lego is the best brand, however I want to change this slightly and say - this week do your best, because that is good enough

Enjoy this free time doing something you're passionate about. 

Stay safe, stay blessed and be passionate,


This week’s resource...

Video: for KING & COUNTRY - Shoulders

About: I felt that someone who reads this needs to hear this song.

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