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One Month, One Hundred, One Catalyst

On Thursday 9th January 2020, Catalyst Youth UK's website, Facebook and Instagram all went live. Nearly a month on from that Catalyst has reached over 100 people across all the platforms and verbally with 2 events already in place and in motion to happen in 2020.

Catalyst was started as a resource to reach Young People all across the South and to give them a place to chat and meet new people. We wanted it to be a place where everyone could come together in one place, whatever backgrounds, and experience something which they may not have had the opportunity to do in the past. The numbers of people which we have seen 'like' or 'comment' about Catalyst Youth UK in the past month have shown that it really is starting, and can continue to build, exactly as we intended it to.

With the addition of the insurance for the group coming through, and a bank account being opened in the groups name, Catalyst is on track to being able to provide and host a range of events over the next year starting in April.

We could continue to sit here and list off a load of facts to you, to be able to tell you more about what is coming up, but why not search our website? Send us an email? Ask us some questions? Come along to the events which we host? That way you can find out more.

But for now let us sign off by saying a massive Thank You to all of you who have taken an interest in Catalyst, who have helped us to progress forward in a way we could have ever imagined in 1 month. We are so excited for the prospect of what 2020 has to bring and will continue to be in touch with every step we take.

Antony & Darren.

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