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Lockdown Blog #5 - World of Pure Imagination

Photo by Max Felner on Unsplash

When we first began writing this blog, we thought it would be simple. Being able to talk about things we enjoy, our views and more. But as I sit here and begin to write blog entry #5 I realise that, actually, it is a lot harder than it seems. As I reflect on this, it reminds me how similar that feeling is to the situation we are in in the UK (and the world) currently. When this all began it didn’t seem like something which would be to hard, it seemed simple and clear as to what we were supposed to do. However, as we now approach week 7 of being in lock down, it continues to grow harder and more draining for a lot of different people, each and every day. For some who may live with large groups of family, maybe a couple of siblings or a family member you don’t get along with, it’s not always to easy to escape and get away from the real world and to have time for yourself. For those who are living alone, and even sometimes those who are still living with family, it can seem quite a lonely situation. I am hoping we have all found things to help us when we feel like this in the time we are living in, and personally one of the main things helping me in lock down is books, and all the worlds which we can discover within stories.

JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, once said “Whether you come back by page or the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” There are lots of authors out there, and although some are more famous than others, there are many out there trying to create new worlds for us as readers to escape into.

Giving us the words on the page and the main basis of these new worlds, with incredible descriptions and gripping storylines, all of these authors help to bring our imagination to life.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; Imagination will get you everywhere.” A quote from Albert Einstein which I feel, now more than ever, can really help the situation we are in. Unless necessary we are encouraged not to travel, that means that most of us are seeing the same 4 walls every day. With the help of those authors, and our imagination, we can be somewhere completely different! One day we could be in a magic castle, the next in space, from there we could move into an enchanted forest and finish our journey under the sea. There are so many options and so much out there for us to experience and enjoy just on those 100, 200, 300 (however many) pages.

All of the authors out there, creating books and worlds, are helping to open up our minds, keeping us happy and bringing joy to many around. Can we help to continue to spread that joy? We hope so, and with your help we hope this week’s resource (below) can be a help to many around, including us and you!

I’ll sign off now, but before I do, I realise I have talked about authors and stories throughout but not recommended any which I have personally really enjoyed myself. If you are looking for something new to read, 3 which I can recommend are: Ready Player One – Ernest Cline, Gone – Michael Grant, Eve of Man – Tom & Giovanna Fletcher. Enjoy!

Keep safe,


This week’s resource…

Forum Activity: Create your own story

About: We want to encourage YOU to write your own story during this time of Lock Down! However, you won’t be doing it alone… On our Forum you will find a post where we have started a story off, all we want you to do is add 1 or 2 paragraphs to the story. If we can encourage enough people to do this, imagine the amazing (or absolutely ridiculous, both equally as good) world and story we could create, hopefully bringing joy to all those who read it.

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