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Lockdown Blog #29 - Listen...

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

The date is Friday 4th September 2020, and from today not only can you find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and this blog but WE HAVE A PODCAST NOW!

That’s right, not only are we trying to put ourselves all over social media, creating random videos for your entertainment and writing down all our thoughts, but we’re now giving you another way to experience the madness of Catalyst Youth UK. Titled ‘Catalyst Happy Hour(ish)’ you can listen every week on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play and Soundcloud with episode 1 (as well as an introduction episode) live now! Just search Catalyst Youth UK or Catalyst Happy Hour(ish) and hopefully you should find us there.

Now don’t worry, that wasn’t just a shameless plug and that’s it for the blog this week. In fact, it’s the opposite, it actually links to what I want to talk about in the blog today.

When people hear the word podcast, I think definitely at a younger age, the immediate thought that pops into your head is that they are dull and mainly for older people, and if you’d asked me 5 years ago (maybe even less) I would have completely agreed with you. I never saw the point in podcasts, why would I want to listen to someone talking about random things when I could spend my time listening to the music which I love? Well, I can now answer that question with one word: entertainment.

I have found lately that I am loving podcasts! There are so many different types out there which cover a range of topics from interviews with different celebrities, maybe back stage chat on a favourite TV show, something to make you laugh and for those of you like me, there are even podcasts focussing all about music and might even lead you onto listening to something new!

For anyone that knows me will know, I am a huge music fan and will love to listen to all different types of music ranging from Rock to Pop, Heavy Metal to Country and Folk to Dance. However, I also have bands and artists which I have a huge love from and find myself always going back to whatever mood I’m in such as My Chemical Romance, Westlife, Gavin DeGraw and more (see the range there already?)

I think when you find something you really love, a song or an artist, or when you’ve heard people say negative things regarding other stuff then it always makes it harder to try new things and take them in without judging straight away, and I can tell you from the experience I have seen throughout my job as a youth worker that that is definitely true when it comes to Christian music, artists and bands.

The feeling around Christian music in my experience is that unless someone has really had a chance to listen, or been introduced to other types, that it is all a bit boring, a bit dull and overall a bit rubbish. I think when you talk about Christian music most people will immediately think about hymns which they sang at school which, let’s be honest, maybe aren’t the greatest or most exciting pieces of music. However, there is so much more out there!

Christian music doesn’t have to be gospel anymore (although some gospel is still incredible), it doesn’t have to include an organ, or a choir and it doesn’t need to be listened to in a church.

There are so many bands out there now that may not sing about Christianity, faith or God, but they are openly Christian. They share it in interviews, talk about and openly say it. Switchfoot, Kings of Leon, Evanescence and Mumford & Sons are just a few examples of those you may not have realised actually would class themselves as Christian.

As well as having openly Christian artists who don't sing about it, there are also those who will produce music which does talk about Christianity and faith as well as being openly Christian. Christian music can now be found in each of the genres I listed above (yes, even Heavy Metal) and there really is now something for everyone.

I could sit here all day and list off a load of artists for you to check out, but I mean it when I say that could go on for pages… so instead I am just going to give you 5 bands/artists who would be classed as Christian artists. As I say, they may not always reference Christianity in all they produce, but they have stuff out there that is worship. My challenge for you this week (as well as listening to our podcast) is to check one of these out.

1. Rend Collective

2. NeedToBreathe

3. Newsboys

4. Tauren Wells

5. The Abrams

Give it a chance and enjoy these. You never know, you may find something you like!

- Antony.

This week’s resource…

Song/Podcast: Any of the artists listed above, as well as our Podcast, Catalyst Happy Hour(ish)

Can be found: Songs - YouTube/Spotify or any music platform. Podcast - Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcast, Google Play Music

About: I won't describe the songs here as I don't know what you picked. Our Podcast will have us talking about a different topic, weekly, with the help of a 'Random Topic Generator' and how the topic can relate to us, and also to you!

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