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Lockdown Blog #2 - Humanity United

As we continue this tough period of Covid-19 and being confined to our homes for the safety of us and others around us, we can’t help but look on the negatives. Not being able to see our friends, go to the beach in the glorious sun which we’ve had, and more. However, as we said last week, there are so many positives also, such as being that we can try new things. But that’s not the only positive.

Over the last few weeks we have seen people come together all over the around to help and support friends and neighbours, to assist in those still having to work and also to celebrate all those who are out on the frontline risking their health so that ours may stay good and healthy.

It has been a real joy to see so much happiness and unity within a world where at times, there is darkness and harm. The roar of clapping and whooping on a Thursday evening, the mass out pouring of supplies in foodbank boxes and charity bags, even the kind words which you read on social media referencing those around us. Everyone really is coming together in a time of doubt, fear and sadness, and if all of us can show one bit of kindness, share some nice words, celebrate a friend or family member who are helping in their job, then we can really make the positivity shine through all the negatives which we may find.

Walt Whitman, an American Poet, once wrote a poem entitled ‘Once I Pass’d Through A Populous City’. Within that poem he states ‘Day by day and night by night we were together—all else has long been forgotten by me’. Imagine if we can reach that stage? When this is all over, there is going to be grieving, there is going to be a lot which needs fixing, and it won’t go back to normal straight away. But just think how amazing it would be if the one thing that jumps out in everyone’s memories is that, actually, throughout it all, all the hardship and pain, the shouts and the clapping, we were all together. The whole of the UK, the world in fact, united and supporting not just themselves, but each other. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This week’s resource…

Video: On the road to Amarillo ft The British Public

About: In 2005, Peter Kay originally released a video to accompany Tony Christie’s song ‘Is this the way to Amarillo’ to raise money for Comic Relief. This year, Peter re-released a new video for this song included on BBC’s Big Night In to support all those who are doing so much during this time. It features a range of the British Public showing joy and laughter throughout.

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