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Lockdown Blog #12 - We Ride Together...

Photo by Kevin Gent on Unsplash

One of the main things I seem to have spent my time doing during this lockdown is catching up on TV boxsets, reading books and watching films, as well as all the different bits of work which I am continuing and progressing on. But all of those things which I am experiencing during this time, all of the different characters I am seeing, the activities which I am planning, the issues which I am reading about, they have all helped to inspire what I write about within these blogs. And today is no exception!

The year is 1990, and onto our screens first appeared a name which we would continue to recognise in years to come. The iconic theme begins with the words ‘In West Philadelphia…’ and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was born. Will Smith appeared dressed in bright colours, with so much energy, and continued to grace our screens up until this very day. Known not only for The Fresh Prince but also many hit movies such as Men in Black, Hitch, Wild Wild West and for the film series, Bad Boys, which is what my focus is going to be on today.

With Will Smith starring along with Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys (1, 2 & For Life) focusses on 2 Miami Detectives and the cases in which they are tasked with solving. From start to finish, the films deliver non-stop action and comedy but, although they are clear examples of what makes the film what it is (whether you think it is good or bad… for me personally, it’s great!) they are not the only stand out traits within the franchise. There is one other key element which runs throughout not 1, not 2, but all 3 of the films.

Friendship. Or Love. Or Relationships. Whatever you want to call it, within these films they all come hand in hand.

I was born in Brighton, I moved to Somerset, and then back again to Sussex. And from all of those times, I have seen friendships grow and form, as well as break down and disappear. But those that have stayed, those that I still have, all faced trials and struggles, as well as fantastic times which we can share together, uniquely.

I’m very lucky with those around me. I have friends who I see on a regular basis, and can create memories with, but I also have others who, although they are miles away, I can talk to and share anything with. Even if we weren’t to talk for days, weeks or months, the next time we do feels like nothing had changed. We still have that bond which we have created and shared. On top of all that I have been blessed with a fantastic family, and my girlfriend, Georgia, who continue to support me and lift me up in whatever I do in life.

But not everyone has these types of relationships. Maybe something happened to break down a relationship, maybe they don’t know how to get out there and talk, or maybe there is a barrier or illness in the way which makes it tough to share with others.

Everyone has different experiences of relationships. Whether that is with a partner, a friend or family member, each and every one of us will have our own unique experiences, and sometimes they’re good, other times they are not. We see in these films the relationships between Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) at their best, as well as their worst, and although we may not be in the same situations which they are in (disagreeing over Marcus wanting to retire, or sharing their fondness for each other within life or death situations) we can all see a very natural and relatable friendship for most of us within these films. We see them supporting each other and working to keep their friendship alive through grief, through hurt and even through minor things such as Marcus scratching Mike’s car. But we also see the joyful side of their relationship with them celebrating marriages, births and closing cases. Whatever situation we are seeing them in, the same message jumps out at me, and one of the main things which I want you to take away from todays blog. Before I say about it though, I think it only best that we hear it in the words from Mike (Will Smith) in the third film; Bad Boys for Life:

Mike Lowry (Giving a speech at Marcus’ Daughter’s wedding):

But I’m telling you, love is hard. And your relationship will be tested. And your father and I have weathered storm after storm. And we have a mantra that we say to each other in our darkest days, and it always seems to bring us back together. And, Reggie, Megan, I would like to share it with you. We ride together, we die together. Bad Boys for Life!

‘Love is hard… your relationship will be tested’. Never has anything said been truer. Relationships aren’t easy, whatever type they are. They all take work, not just from one person, but from each person involved. You will have disagreements, especially with those closest to you who you spend the most time with, but without the bad side, without the struggles, would there be a good side? Would there be anything there to distinguish between what is good and bad? No!

Relationships are made from the good and the bad, from the lessons learnt, from the experiences shared. Never take any moment for granted, good or bad, because they are all a stepping stone in what makes the relationships that you share unique, personal and yours.


This week’s resource…

Song: Micah Tyler – Even Then

About: Even Then is a song by American Christian musician artist Micah Tyler. Focussing on how even at his toughest times, God is there for him, this song really speaks about how we can continue to be there for each other, or how God is there for us, even in our toughest times.

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