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Lockdown Blog #1 - Try Something New

What a strange and unpredictable situation our world is currently in. One day we are able to go to the shops, down to the park, visit family, and the next none of that is possible. Everything has come to a standstill, a close, and everything which we took for granted at being easy and simple suddenly becomes off limits.

The UK has now been in lockdown for 30 days. That’s 720 hours. 43200 minutes. The regulations were that we could have 1 hour of exercise a day, so out of those 720 hours that’s only 30 hours. Crazy the amount of spare time we have, right? And I’m sure for most of you, it’s starting to get a bit boring. Maybe you’ve had enough of your siblings annoying you, your parents telling you what to do or it could possibly just be that you feel you’ve ran out of things to do and suddenly the days seem very dull.

Well you don’t need to feel like that. Why not try something new?

Listening to an album which you’ve been wanting to for a while.

Maybe there’s a book, or a series of books, which you haven’t read yet… dive into that world!

Watch a film, a tv series.

Bake something, build something, make something.

Contact someone you haven’t talked to in a while, play games, sing songs.

There are so many options out there for things which we can do alone, or with others.

American photographer, Duane Michals, once said “Trust that little voice in your head that says, ‘wouldn’t it be interesting if…’ and then do it”. That’s something which all of us can listen to right now because although we don’t have places to go, or our usual routines, we all do still have our minds and our imaginations. Listen to that voice telling you to try something new or to not give up on something you’ve already started. Because right now, the things we can do, the differences we can make and the things we can create are truly endless if we put our minds to it.

But for some that may still be hard so each week I will add a new blog entry to this site. Within that blog I will talk a little like I did above, about something which maybe I’ve tried or maybe just something which I feel should be heard that week, and then will follow this up with a title of a book, a film, an album, a tv series or an activity. If you really are stuck for things to do, why not give one of them a go? You never know, you may find something which you really enjoy…

This week’s resource…

Film: Space Jam.

Can be found: On Netflix or DVD on Amazon.

About: After Michael Jordan's retirement, he is abducted by Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes group and is asked to play a match of Basketball to defeat the Nerdlucks, a criminal alien group led by Mister Swackhammer.

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