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Blog #39 - Food Glorious Food

I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I personally think this year has absolutely flew by. They say as you get the older, the years seem to move faster, but I think this year it was due to the weirdness of 2020. The fact we all were locked inside for roughly 7 months of it, with the other 3 months (because let’s be honest, we can’t count January and February, they were the calm before the storm) all being very strange and in no way was a normal life being led.

So, as I sit and write this December has just begun. The countdown to Christmas is on, and everyone is in preparation to have a very different Christmas this year. The carol services which we may be used to attending won’t be the same as singing may not be allowed, or they will be over a camera on Zoom. The big family and friend gatherings we may usually have are limited to numbers so won’t be possible. There are so many things which we may be used to doing which this year, just aren’t possible.

However, that doesn’t mean Christmas doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean it is cancelled and that celebrations can’t be had some way or another. So, over the next few weeks, Darren and I are going to be doing joint blogs talking all things Christmas! TV, Film, Music, Food and more in between, what do we love about Christmas? Why do we love it?

(Antony in Italics, Darren in bold)

So, Darren, kick us off…

I agree its been a year we’ll never forget. But like Antony said Christmas does not have to be all doom and gloom we can still make it the highlight of the year!

So, lets talk FOOD!

It’s gotta-be the best part about Christmas day, right? It’s the only day of the year, well for me and mine, we will stuff ourselves stupid eating everything in sight from brussel sprouts to roast potatoes to the old turkey that’s so dry it absorbs every bit of saliva in our mouths! Our Christmas dinner is the same every year.

Starter: Prawn Cocktail on a bed of lettuce Main: Full Christmas Dinner - Roast Potatoes cooked in goose fat All the Veg Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, peas, green beans and brussel sprouts! Turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, Yorkshire puds, cranberry sauce and bread sauce Pudding: Christmas pudding with brandy custard (I can’t have cream!)

The evening comes even more food and that’s usually a buffet style with pork pies, cold meat, cheese board and various other picky bits.

If you’re not feeling sleepy then you’ve not eaten enough, ha ha. So this is my Christmas day food and by Antony’s reaction is different to what happens for him, so Antony over to you!

I think my biggest shock in Darren’s was Prawn Cocktail as a starter… I don’t know why I am so surprised by this?! I think probably because it’s not a usual tradition for us, although my mum would LOVE that.

However, we’re very similar in my house, in the fact that food plays a huge part! From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep, there is food, things to snack on (as well as the variety of drinks which can be found around the house ranging from Orange Juice all the way to Port).

For breakfast we’ll have Eggy Bread (if you don’t know what it is, look it up and try it, trust me). Then for the main meal we’ll have Turkey (and Gammon and Beef usually, lots of meat), as well as all the side bits like Darren said, and for pudding it changes each year but we have Christmas Pudding or Trifle or something else. Throughout the evening we’ll have a box of Heroes or Celebrations to snack on, as well as Turkish Delight and some other sweet things. But that’s not usually substantial enough for the snacks in front of a film, so out comes the cold meat left over from dinner! I love that part, especially boxing day with all the leftovers (and Turkey made into a curry is a favourite of mine).

I think everyone has different traditions they are used to at Christmas, especially when it comes to meal times, and it’s such a special time for families to all sit down together (however many of you) and to share in laughs, chat and love.

Let us know what your food traditions look like at Christmas, we’d love to hear them.

Whatever they are, enjoy it!

Antony & Darren.

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